And so it begins....

And so it begins....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Today.. is the first day.. to blog about our family....
I have been wanting to do this since our Sharp journey began.. it only took a little over a year.. better late than never.  So here is a little about us:
Ben... our fearless leader-  He is the rock of this family.  He is the energy that keeps us all bubbly and happy. 
Dawn... the mother hen-  I am the crazy one that can be quiet at times but then the chatter box opens and beware. 
Kylee and Zach... the newly weds-  We miss them so much and hope that their adventures in Idaho are exciting and fun.
Lizzy (with Wade)... the college bound girl- She is spunky and full of dreams.  She is an excellent writer and full of creativity.
Johanna... our bubbly girl- She is a super senior this year and full of fun and smiles.  She keeps us on our toes.  Where o where will she go to college??? That is the question.. ;)
Thomas...our 6 foot 2 junior- He is our amazing super star.  He is full of energy and brings smiles to our faces and lives.
Michael... the computer game guru- He is mister gamester if you please.  If you have a question on any video game... he is your guy.  He is fun to be around too.
Tyler... our energetic one- He is our youngest and has so much energy that we wish we could bottle up and use ourselves.

So .. just a little introduction of our family.. more to come!!!

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